Saturday, 19 October 2013


Welcome! My name is Charli and I'm working towards my Silver Arts Award. This blog will contain reviews of various arts events I have attended.

I run a book blog, To Another World which you can view here.

I also run a blog concerning law, politics and a justice campaign I'm working with here.

Here's my bio, so you can see some more about me...

I'm Charli, and I'm a bookworm, writer, photographer, Potterhead, Initiate, Tribute and Scriptette. I have a fetish for sticky notes and prefer to revise, read and blog to music (which naturally isn't allowed at school). I'm also a Scout, tomboy and I fail at sewing! I haven't worn jeans since I was 7 and I'm almost always seen in a pair of chinos and a hoodie.

I may as well live in my public library, or my school one, I'm not fussed! My favourite subjects are English, History and RE, even though I'm not religious.

My favourite authors are Sophie McKenzie, John Green, Holly Smale, Michael Grant, Sarah Crossan, Cat Clarke, Ally Condie, Janet Edwards, Amy Good, Cathy Cassidy, Meg Cabot, Cathy Hopkins and Veronica Roth! I like most genres, but my favourites are dystopia, contemporary, YA, teen and fantasy. 


My heart and soul is creativity. Whether that be writing, reading, photography, blogging or music, I love them all. I've always been a creative person, and that's the way it should stay, I hope...

 So, welcome to How Charli Sees Art. I hope you like it! 

Charli x

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