Monday, 16 December 2013

Mini-Review: Library of Birmingham: Reference Works

I went to the Library of Birmingham in October half term (and it was packed!) And whilst I was there we saw the Reference Works exhibition that is currently there, celebrating the opening of the new library. I only saw it briefly due to my younger siblings, but it was very interesting.

It showcased the work of 4 photographers, Michael Collins, Brian Griffin, Andrew Lacon and Stuart Whipps. Some focussed on the building of the library whilst Griffin took portraits of people linked to the building.

My favourites were the portraits, because I thought they told me a lot more and were just more interesting to look at than the landscape shots. I thought that they said a lot more about people in Birmingham and what the new library would do for the city than, say, a picture of the building as it was being built.

Naturally, the exhibition wasn't really aimed at my exact age group and so it wasn't the most interesting thing for me to look at, but it gave me an insight to the new library, as it was first time seeing it. I also looked at the photos and saw how I could make my photos better.


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